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Custom home building is quickly becoming a very popular choice for potential home owners. It allows them to get the things they want at a price they can afford. Owners of custom built homes are more apt to feel that their house is a home because they have the features they wanted from the beginning of the building process. With the ability to pick and chose features that one wants in their home and to remove the things that are unwanted, it's no surprise that custom home building is becoming so popular.

One of the biggest questions about building a custom home is the costs involved. The average custom home building costs can vary greatly, from $78per square foot to $400 or more per square foot. The costs can be greatly affected by such things as building materials, location, and labor costs.

Building materials, depending on quality and what they are made of, are a major factor in how much a custom home will cost once completed. A choice must be made between marble countertops, mahogany wood floors, etc or less expensive (but still high quality) materials can make a big cost difference.

Labor can include different aspects of the building process and not just the physical construction of the home. An architect, for example, can charge from 2 to 15 percent of the total construction costs. A benefit to this is that their services usually include overseeing the construction to make sure everything is done to the owners expectations. Ready-made custom home plans are available for a wide range of prices depending on complexity and style. Once all the planning has been taken care of, actual labor costs can be relatively low depending on which company is hired. What happens when you have a budget plan and are ready to start talking design and making your ideas come to reality?

The design and construction process is very similar to any other type of building project. A plan must be made, a design is drawn up, and the builders work to complete the job quickly and thoroughly. The planning stage is where the materials and amenities the home owner wants are discussed with the builder, and the overall budget is completed. From there, a design of the home is created with all the customer’s specifications and any corrections or money saving decisions are finalized. And finally construction begins. The foundation is laid, the framing is built and placed, the interior and exterior walls, floors and ceilings are built, and the new home takes shape. Bit by bit the drawing on a piece of paper becomes a real thing and eventually, the home owners are able to move in and turn this new house into a home.

It's no wonder why custom home building is becoming such a popular decision. Giving home owners freedom to decide how much they want to spend and what materials and features they desire most for their home, is a great way to quickly make a dream turn into a reality.