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When it comes to a dream home, a “cookie-cutter” house is often the last thing that comes to mind. Certainly, there are benefits to buying an existing home. It can potentially be more cost effective, and under the right circumstances it can be more convenient time-wise. There are also several negative aspects however, as it can lead to costlier repairs depending on the age of the house, not to mention that it is impossible to find the “perfect” house without settling over a few aspects. When choosing an existing home, most of the options you have to choose from are number of stories, bedrooms, amount of square feet, and then finding a floor plan you can settle with.

With custom home building, you may work with the builder to detail out every aspect of the home to your liking. There are nearly infinite options to choose from when it comes to building a custom home, and as the home owner, you have the ability to decide every fine-tuned aspect. Are you planning on or already have kids? Maybe you’d like to have a two or three story home, and a floor plan to keep the master bedroom in a separate part of the house from the kids’ bedrooms. Maybe you’d like your master bedroom window to face the east so you can wake up when the sun rises. Do you need lots of storage? You can create a home with a larger attic area, or even possibly a walk-in attic for easier access. For storing your cars, there are options for single and multiple car garages, or even a detached garage. There are even a multitude of deck structures and patios for creating your perfect backyard area.

After choosing your perfect floor plan and structuring, then you can decide on what goes into your home. One of the most noticeable aspects of the inside of the home are color of the walls, and as the buyer you have the ability to choose what colors you’d like to go in what rooms. Choosing the flooring includes options from the type of carpet and color, the type of wood for hard-wood floors, the tile for floors, and even options for all types of laminate flooring. For electrical and lighting, you can decide on light fixtures and appliances. Are you building a home with a foyer area? Maybe you’d like to choose a chandelier that fits perfect with the style of the home to welcome friends and family into your home. For appliances, you have the options to find what dishwasher, microwave, stove, refrigerator, washer/dryer and more fit your needs most.

These are just several of the decisions you have the option of choosing when working with a custom builder. Contact Randy Turner & Son today to see what they can do to help you build your new dream home today!