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Why Choose Us

We asked our customers why they selected Randy Turner & Son, Inc. and what they felt differentiated us from other builders. Here is what they had to say.

11 Reasons a Randy Turner & Son Home is the Home for You.

1. Comfort Level.

It is exceedingly important to feel comfortable with your builder. During the process, you will need to feel that he can be approached for anything at any time. Randy Turner & Son places a great deal of importance on creating a builder-client environment that is comfortable and friendly. Our goal is to please our customers and help them through the sometimes trying process of building their dream home.

2. Team Approach.

Building a home is a complex task requiring specialized skills: framing, flooring, finishing, electrical, plumbing, siding, roofing, etc. Our team of hand picked specialists can provide these skills in a coordinated manner to build a home that meets your needs. Our tradespeople are selected for their quality and reliability, not because they're the lowest bidder. Saving a few dollars on labor is no bargain if it results in unacceptable work. From the finest framers to the pickiest plumbers, our team of professional tradespeople will get the job done right.

3. We Make it Easy.

Building a home is complicated - coordinating tradespeople, obtaining permits, following local codes and ordinances, selecting materials and components. Randy Turner & Son believes building a new home should be fun and enjoyable for you and we work hard to remove the hassles of construction for you.

4. Experience.

Randy Turner & Son has built quality custom homes for over 40 years. We know what works and what does not. You benefit from that experience when you buy a Randy Turner & Son home.

5. Quality Materials.

We work with the finest names in the industry including Andersen, Conan, Grohe, Kohler, Marvin, Jacuzzi, Viking and more.

6. Better Design.

Better homes start with better designs. Randy Turner & Son works with award-winning designers and architects to create custom homes tailored to your specific needs. We work with interior designers to ensure that the room and home layout is both aesthetic and functional. We use a landscape architect to maximize site opportunities and beauty.

7. Organization.

Since building a home is such a complicated process, it takes good management skills to keep everything running smoothly. We've gone to great lengths to use the latest technology and computerized systems. A Client Book is created for each owner to keep documents and information within easy reach. We use construction scheduling to keep track of all activities, eliminate unreasonable delays, and minimize construction finance charges.

8. Communication.

Interaction is the key to customer satisfaction. You need to know where you are, and where you're going with your new home. You have to know ahead of time when you must make selections. You need to be alerted to any delays or problems that arise. Randy Turner & Son communicates with each client on a weekly basis, giving them a project update. By keeping you informed and listening to your needs and desires, we make the experience of building a home a more satisfying one.

9. Value.

A home is the largest single investment you will make in your lifetime. We believe that we need to ensure that this investment is secure. At Randy Turner & Son, you will get more for what you pay than from any other source. Our homes consistently appreciate at rates that exceed those of other builders.

10. Environment.

Mother Nature is part of our community. We try to build our homes in a way that will have a minimum impact on the Environment cutting as few trees as possible, minimizing erosion, and striving to preserve the natural beauty of the site. Our homes are designed to save energy, with high efficiency heating/cooling equipment, state-of-the-art appliances, upgraded insulation and minimum air infiltration. This not only saves you money but also helps in protecting our environment.

11. Commitment.

Randy Turner & Son is successful because we care about your home and the community. We are committed to satisfied customers, outstanding designs and the finest quality homes.